EQ for Executives

The last century‚Äôs economic rollercoaster has made the no-nonsense hardball CEO a popular choice. The decisive, eat-the-weak-for breakfast types give us a sense of security and appeases concerns about economic insecurity to external parties. However these types are no fun to work for and those that work with them are often diminished to yes-men whose… Read more »

Leveraging Design Thinking in the C-Suite

Developing business strategies in the c-suite comes with a myriad of challenges, especially when the individuals are all highly experienced but with incompatible strategic development processes. The c-suite is often thought of as reluctant to embrace change and that it favors analytical thinking over intuition, losing sight of customer needs. In-touch executives will know that… Read more »

Retaining Talent in Tough Times

Employee retention practices tend to take a back seat to more pressing business activities, but as we know, we need to be prepared for times of financial growth.  This is when executives tend to seek out new opportunities leaving their companies vulnerable. During a financial upswing we should be focusing our time and resources on… Read more »

Even Big Companies need to think like Start-Ups

Thinking like a start-up can help jump-start growth, re-fresh tired strategies and make corporations more responsive to new trends and demands. Common perception dictates that startups are hothouses for creativity and innovation, while large corporations are too jammed up with bureaucracy and hierarchy to push the envelope towards new solutions. It’s easy to focus on… Read more »

The Ramifications of a Bad Hire

Many of our clients admit to making poor hires each year.  What does this mean for a company, especially when the appointee is sitting in the c-suite making decisions that directly affect the bottom line? The full cost incurred from a bad hire includes recruitment or executive search,   training, lost business opportunities, reduction in team… Read more »